Cardboard Bedding: For pet owners who’ve tried paper (but dislike the mush) or wood chips (but are afraid of health risks) this unique bedding traps fluids and feces while aiding airflow; Corrugated Cardboard won’t compact down (or let feces ride on top) yet is small enough for comfort; so, your fur babies can enjoy clean cozy litter that is naturally odor free

We take our large animal Cardboard Bedding and run it through our shredding process again to create a smaller, easily managed material.

Dust Free: Unlike recycled paper confetti or shredded tissue that turns to dust, Epoch Farm’s Bedding is made for pets with allergies using only recycled cardboard that is 99% dust free – better than chalky pellets, wood chips, or even recycled paper – so your best friend can enjoy dry comfortable bedding without sneezing or breathing issues.

Better Than Wood or Straw: The biodegradable design breaks down faster than pine and cedar wood shavings, and it is super absorbent (9% more than wood, 11% more than straw) for odor control and wetness protection; plus, it’s safer – no carcinogenic hydrocarbons to inhale – and no chips to get caught in long fur, or splinters to dig into paws while your pet runs, hides, and plays.

clean litter that is naturally odor free