Cardboard Animal Bedding

great for your animals and the environment

Healthy Choice

Cardboard bedding helps to reduce the risk of horses developing respiratory problems, and is beneficial to horses that already suffer from Recurrent Airway Obstruction (RAO) and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD).

It helps horses that have allergies, allowing them to breathe more easily. It is made from clean, corrugated cardboard, a material that’s noticeably less dusty than straw or wood shavings.

In order to ensure health safety, we obtain all of the raw material for our cardboard bedding locally. Being 100% made in the USA, this assures that all manufacturing is done in compliance with The Environmental Protection Agency’s regulations which strictly limit toxic chemicals in consumer cardboard.

100% of our bedding is made from recycled pre-consumer stock. Not used boxes. This eliminates potential hazardous contaminates from unknown products which may have leaked into a post-consumer used box. Another advantage of pre-consumer cardboard is the total lack of unwanted packaging tape or metal staples from the finished product.

Highly Absorbent

Cardboard is highly absorbent, so it will reduce moisture levels, keeping animals dry and comfortable when they sleep.

In addition, cardboard is less likely to lose its structure when it gets wet so the stalls are much easier to clean!

Absorbent horse bedding reduces ammonia build-up and odor, mold growth and the amount of bedding that needs replacing, making it a favorable bedding choice.


Not only is cardboard bedding good for horses and other animals, you get to benefit from it too.

We supply our bedding in a returnable drawstring tied mesh bag. Not only does this bag save on packaging costs but more importantly, reusable bags help the environment by cutting down on wasteful throw away plastic bags.

Just untie the bag spread the cardboard out in the stall and return the bag back to be filled again. Easy!!

100% Compostable

Our cardboard bedding is 100% compostable so it’s a perfect way to be kind to both your horse and the environment.

Cardboard breaks down quicker than wood or straw bedding because it contains less lignin – a material in plant cell walls that takes a long time to compost.  Most of the lignin is removed from cardboard during the manufacturing process.

Easy to use

Making a shredded cardboard bed couldn’t be easier. Our 5 cubic foot bags have been designed so they’re easier to lift, carry and distribute.

Just grab a bag and spread it around!

Naturally Insulating

Corrugated cardboard is excellent at regulating heat. In the winter it retains heat, so you can be assured that your animals are comfortable and fully rested on even the coldest nights.

Come summer, it allows for easy ventilation and keeps animals cool.